The Firm


Mario de Pascual gives name to a unique experience combining visual arts and furniture design, redefining the concept of functional furniture by incorporating art into your everday life. Each of our pieces embody high quality innovative materials and avant-garde techniques with the single objective of exceeding all expectations.

Our proposals and your ideas make the perfect match. You will be able to play your part getting envolved in the process, participating in the approach/ conceptualization and developing in conjunction with us your own work of functional art: your idea is the start up of a whole world tailored to your concerns and needs. If you are looking for a unique custom-made self portrait, this is the place to be.

All Mario de Pascual pieces are unique –Limited Editions ocasionally-. Turning into the owner of an artwork signed by the artist implies an incomparable pleasure. Our duty is to provide new sensations to traditional furniture providing a personal meaning to huge visual impact pieces.